DIY Projects


Crafting has become one of my favorite things to do! 2017 was the first year of me trying my hand at being creative. Turns out, I may be on to something here! I’ve been making Fall and Christmas crafts for about three years now; with little kids, you kind of figure out ways to make things fun for them. In the past, I’ve made centerpieces, cardboard mantles (because of course in Florida we have no need for a fireplace), and we always do our own stockings. Well,  last year, my sister came up with the idea of getting together for a girls day to make fall wreathes with the family. Fun and creative way to spend time together, right? Anyway, it ended up being just me and her. I have a pretty big family so there was supposed to be about five of us. After I finished mine, I posted pictures on my Facebook page. So many people ended up loving them, that I actually began selling them. This year, my goal is to perfect my craft and create so many more new and exiting things! From time to time, I will be posting step by step tutorials. And not just of crafts either. I already have so many projects in store!