Quad Squad: A small group of little, miniature men, who have not yet reached puberty; Usually can be found in packs of four, with the queen (mother) of the bunch.

Show Biz

Tj and Rj had the opportunity to perform in a play at a local, professional theater 🎭 (how exciting!) Check out my post to see updates and photos of them in their cute little costumes!



Zorian- 9

He’s the captain of the bunch! Being the big brother, he makes sure everyone stays in line, or at least tries to. They say that the first born is the most well behaved child. And in my case, he is! He loves playing computer games most recently. He used to be into basketball, which I need to get him back active again. But kids these days are afraid of a little sun. He’s into vlogging and YouTube so who knows, he may be my little cameraman soon!


TJ- 5

Tj is my little nurturer. He is so smart and he cares about everybody. His feelings are so easily hurt. Well, being the mother of all boys I have come to realize that they are pretty soft hearted period. He loves school, he loves to learn new things, and he is so proud of the knowledge he has picked up. He isn’t afraid to try new things; food, sports…he’s all for it!


RJ- 3

RJ is the life of the party!! He acts much older than what he really is, although he still wants to be mommy’s baby. He still loves cuddles, kisses, and being tucked in at night; but he also loves football, motorcycles, and wrestling. He is the true definition of a little boy! He’s so smart for his age because he’s curious, inquisitive, and very observant. He also loves music and dancing.



Ari- 11 months

Last but most certainly not least, is my little Ari James. He’s the baby of the bunch and is so loved by his big brothers. He’s already an attention grabber! He also loves music and dancing. He’s such a happy little thing and I couldn’t be more grateful for his blossoming personality. It makes up for all the sleepless nights I have due to being a breastfeeding mama!