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Happy Birthday Kalynn 🎈

Over the weekend, we celebrated Kalynn’s 8th birthday! Every year, her mom chooses a different theme. This year, the theme was an 80’s Skate Night birthday party. Who doesn’t love dressing up in costume on days OTHER than Halloween right? I tell you, being back in a skating rink brings back lots of memories of being a schoolager. Yes, it’s literally been 15 years since I’ve been on a pair of skates. Don’t judge me, and I won’t judge you.

Skating Experience:

It was definitely a blast for my crew! It was a struggle just to get them to leave! But after a long day of trying to find bits and pieces for the party, this mama was tired. Surprisingly, TJ was confident enough to get on the skate floor by himself. He fell a few times but he got right back up like it didn’t happen. He was following behind Zorian, who was busy showing off some of his own moves. By the end of the night, he pretty much had it down too. Even Ryan and I got out on the floor! I didn’t skate long because I swear one of my most traumatic incidents happened at the skating rink. Let’s just say it’s not my most favorite place to be. Lol. Ryan, being the extrovert that he is, just had to show up a few of his friends and other skaters and wound up on the floor. He’s a LITTLE sore this morning.


Check out some of our photos! Of course they aren’t “THE BEST”. Being that they were taken with my iphoneX, in low lighting, with a flash, and disco lights.

Kaylnn’s Mom and BFFThe TrioOff guard Kalynn and Ryan Destinnie Cherrelle RJ and Adrian Ari and PapaRj


Getup Details:

Even though it’s fun dressing up, there’s no need to spend a lot of money on something you’ll wear once. Luckily, I can wear the tank top and tights again.

The hoodie: Cropped and cut by my mother-in-law and says “Not Bossy, Just Better” 💁🏾‍♀️  (Walmart), also the fanny pack and neon bracelets.                                                    Leggings: Charlotte Russe                                Leg Warmers: Claire’s


The Boys:

The boys’ outfits came from Children’s Place. They always have great sales. Graphic tees for $4.99 and jeans for $7.99. Something basic that they can rewear. Their hats and bandanas were purchased at Walmart. As you can see on my 3 year old, I purchased chucks as well from Converse.