I am Woman!

Women are superheroes without magic powers or capes. We carry whole families on our backs, and even sometimes add the weight of the world to our shoulders. We ignore our own ailments to ensure the wellbeing of those around us. Though we may appear delicate and fragile, we are far from frail. We are the strength of a thousand nations; no one or no-THING can compete; we are beyond compare! A woman’s love is the closet thing to the love of God. For he has given us the power to create miracles! The miraculous gift of shaping love from the inside of our bodies. No man could ever endure the selfless, unbearable pain it takes to birth a child, and then come out unscathed; only to do it all over again. We hide behind smiles, so that the outside world looking in, never sees us cry. We bend; we do not break. We continue to hold our heads high, even when the load is too heavy to bear, simply so that our crowns do not fall. We have mastered the sense of forgiveness, so that we can continue to love the ones who have hurt us. Our wounds cut deep, and yet we do not fold. We push on, we fight harder, WE PREVAIL! We strive for greatness in a world that is nothing less than imperfect. We are queens! We are mothers! We are wives! We are sisters and daughters! WE ARE WOMEN! I am her, and she is me.