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Rosa Parks Through a Child’s Eyes

Children and Their Questions

When raising little children, there’s bound to be 1,000,001 questions. But as a mother, although these questions may seem annoying and tedious, I’m all for it! Reason being, them asking questions lets you know that their minds are at work. The TYPES of questions they ask, will tell you HOW their minds are working and what is going through those little heads (or in my case, BIG heads) of theirs.

A Black History Lesson

Today, I had an interesting conversation with my two middle boys. It all started because I wear a scarf around my head to bed. When I woke them up, I was still wearing said scarf. TJ says “Mommy, why do you have that on your head?” I tell him that it’s a scarf. He then says, “You look like Rosa Parks!” I’m kind of insulted by this because I can’t tell if he’s being funny or not; Maybe he was giving me a compliment! Maybe he thought I was as important a woman as Rosa Parks was; an influential woman! After all, it is Black history month! My three-year-old, RJ, amazes me because he says “hey I know her!” So I ask him who she was and he says “she sat on the bus and the police tried to rest (arrest) her because she wouldn’t get out of her seat.” I was shocked! I mean he’s three! It’s amazing how much their little minds absorb! All I could do was smother him in kisses because I was just that proud. Now of course my son TJ is quizzing him to see if he REALLY knows who Rosa Parks is, and THEN continues on to teach him that she got arrested because black people were not allowed to sit at the front of the bus. This ultimately ends in a debate, as most their conversations do, but I am pleased and my heart is happy.

Questions Mean That They are Learning

Part of the reason why I love all of their little questions is because I know they are absorbing information. I love that they are learning, and as long as they’re willing to learn, I am willing to teach. They have SUCH a love for learning and that they get excited about learning new things! I hope to God that that never changes 🙂


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