Go-To Products

What’s In Your Makeup Bag???

A morning where you can get up feeling well rested, before anyone else in the house, eat a well-rounded breakfast, and get your hair and makeup just right!

Is this how your mornings go? Because it definitely doesn’t happen like that for me! I’m lucky if I have time enough to boil an egg before having to jet out the door.

Because I’m always pressed for time in the mornings, I keep a “go-to/day makeup” bag in my purse. This bag is full of items I use when I don’t have time for a full face, but still want to look a little more polished and put together before taking on the world. I carry an Ipsy bag because it’s small and fits perfectly inside any purse I choose. (If you haven’t heard of Ipsy, it’s a monthly mail order company that sends you about 5-6 beauty care products in a cute, little makeup bag for $10 a month.) Am I the only one who keeps them and switches them out from time to time?

I’m usually doing my makeup on the go, literally… while driving (don’t judge me), so I keep it as simple as possible. I prefer to use liquid foundation for full coverage, but my “five-minute go-to look” consists of a powder matte foundation by Covergirl.

Matte Powder Foundation

If my face is extremely dry, I’ll go without makeup altogether because I feel that powder foundation will only make your dry skin look worse. For a quick morning look, I only use foundation, mascara, and a cute lip. My go to lip color for any daytime look is Nude; its both flirty and professional!


Of course, the most important part to any face beat, are your eyebrows! Your eyebrows really make a world of difference, and I thank God daily for blessing me with thick, bushy ones. (Insert praise dance here) I dedicate most of my time to my eyebrows, because even if I have no time for anything else, a nicely shaped brow gives the appearance of a fresh face. I usually use an eyebrow pencil in deep brown or my Too Faced Cosmetics Chocolate Brownie pencil; but my new favorite is Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade. This, paired with my NARS creamy concealer lined underneath just right, gives me the perfect look every time! And it’s even long lasting!


I don’t stick to any brands in particular; my makeup in general consists of store brands AND name brands. I buy what I like, and I keep what works. So far, my five-minute routine works just right for me!