Why I started a blog

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a writer. I can remember coming home from school to jump on the computer! Not to play computer games like most kids, especially those from my generation! No ‘cause see, back then, the game that brought the most enjoyment was Solitaire 🙄. I was rushing home to type up some story I had thought about during the day. I can even remember as far back as playing with my mother’s typewriter. I would sit in my room for hours filling up journals, notebooks, and folders galore! Pages full of my thoughts, words, emotions, and feelings. I was proud of my work, showing it to all that would read; usually my parents and friends. Writing was one of my favorite pastimes! You know, something you do just to PASS TIME. As time went on, the pen and I lost touch. I’d like to blame life for that. Sometimes, real life just gets in the way of the fantasies we love to create in our minds. I’m now a young woman, entrepreneur, mother of 4, full time employee…annnd the list could go on and on. But I am no longer allowing life to block out my passion. Instead, I have decided to incorporate my life into my writing. Hence, the creation of my blog: Destinnie Cherrelle. Hopefully, a name you won’t soon forget. 😉 Enjoy!


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